Meet Dave

Dave Ray - HS (Small)
About the Commissioner

Meet Dave Ray

Joshua "Dave" Ray Jr. currently serves humbly as the Commissioner of District 13, where he has the honor of being the second youngest commissioner in Lawrence County's history.

Dave's journey began with his graduation from Loretto High School in May of 2021. Following this milestone, he started Aero Media, a local media agency in 2021, contributing to the entrepreneurial spirit of the community.

Commissioner Ray's service extends to various committees within the commission, including Animal Welfare, Technology, Purchasing, School Board Liaison, Economic Development/Tourism/Non-Profit, and Property Development & Codes. He also serves as a Chamber Ambassador for the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, where he strives to foster economic growth and community connections.

Dave holds a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of District 13, particularly Laurel Hill Lake, a place that holds cherished memories of Sundays spent with his granddad. He enjoys participating in West End Community Club events, relishing the opportunity to engage with fellow residents.

In Commissioner Dave Ray Jr., Lawrence County has found a dedicated and community-minded leader, whose commitment to service is rooted in the belief that progress is achieved through collaboration and a shared love for our remarkable county. His journey exemplifies the potential of local leadership to positively impact the community he cares deeply about.